Why choose Georgien Spedition?

Each promise made by “Georgien Spedition” should be accomplished, whether it is just a verbal agreement or certified by the contract

Our enduring business model is very simple – your profitable business supports to our successful business too. We assist you, carrying your cargo in time, we try to save your transit costs – your business is growing and you order more with us
The vitality of our model is proved by the experience and a long-lasting cooperation with a various Georgian and European companies.


5 Guiding Principles of Our Company

Like every company, we also have our guiding principles of work, which help us to manage the business. Georgien Spedition was established for cargo transportation among Georgia and European countries and from the very beginning its central point is European quality. Considering our professionalism, high quality services, communication with customers and timely accomplished promises, cost of our service is the best offer on the market.

Transportation of Cargo Includes Several Steps

  • Contacting a warehouse
  • Preparation of Cargo
  • Preparation of Documents
  • Picking up a goods
  • Carrying a goods
  • Delivery of cargo
  • Custom Clearance

The work we do is very simple at a glance, but in reality, it needs more effort to achieve our goals. During the communication, sometimes it becomes clear that goods are not ready to pick up or the paperwork is not prepared.
Moreover, sometimes cargo needs repacking.
During transportation different kind of issues can be occurred, that might be connected to environment or human resources.
But all of this is our daily work. Group of our professionals and experienced individuals do their best to solve all these problems and not to disturb you.

We Recommend the following:
Georgien Spedition – Only Professionals are working here

Quality and Effective Problem Solving
Wide range of our experience gives us an opportunity to solve all issues with a high quality and in a complex manner. We can easily deal with the issues connected to the transport logistics, documentation and custom procedures.
  • Picking up goods from several locations in a short period of time
  • Reducing cargo dimensions – repacking
  • Transportation of oversized cargos and machines
  • Designing the fastest route for transporting the goods
  • Monitoring of cargo and transportation procedures during 24/7

We Recommend the following:
Georgien Spedition – Your Cargo is in Safe Hands

Individual attitude towards every customer
We assume that each order and the customer needs individual attitude. At first glance, it is a very easy business to transport goods, but in reality, it requires more flexibility and creativity. And these advantageous factors are exactly what make us different.

  • 24/7 cargo monitoring
  • 24/7 კcommunication with partners
  • Individual consultation regarding the documents accompanying cargo
  • Individual support for custom clearance procedures

We Recommend the following:
Georgien Spedition - Regular Communication with Partners

We always take responsibility for accomplishing all our promises. There always can be objective reasons to modify the terms for arrival of goods. It might be connected to human resources or natural environment. Considering the experience we gain through the years and detailed planning before the order confirmation, gives our group of professionals a chance to minimize the impact of subjective and objective factors and accomplish its responsibilities on time. Of course, customer engagement in the whole process is necessary to carry out our duties. From you we need the following:

  • Full information regarding the composition of goods
  • Dimensions of cargo
  • Information about documents accompanying the cargo
  • 24/7 communication before the loading the cargo
  • 24/7 communication with you before the delivery of goods

We Recommend the following:
Georgien Spedition - Timely Accomplished Promises

Our experience and group of professionals give us an opportunity to transit your cargo to its final destination in a very short period of time. On the other hand, our pricing policy is also very flexible and we regularly try to decrease the cost of transit. To achieve this following factors are favorable to notice

  • Initial information about repacking the goods
  • Consultation with us regarding the repacking
  • Designing the most relevant route for transportation
  • Preparation of useful documents on time
  • 24/7 communication with you while carrying the cargo
  • Immediate response to any issue occurring during the transportation

We Recommend the following:
Georgien Spedition - The Most Suitable Quality to Price Ratio

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